In this project we have been working across borders of European countries (Germany, Croatia, Spain, France, Turkey and Denmark) using a common foreign language (English). This has created authentic situations for students and teachers to cooperate in. We have been studying and critically comparing current habits and actions between countries when working with environmental topics. This enabled our students to make reasoned decisions in the future as active members of a European community. By choosing environmental issues (waste and recycling, food consumption, alternative energy and transportation) they were able to make it relevant to their everyday lives. Using ICT to communicate and to make and share products was a natural part of all activities.

The main goals for our students were to become aware of practices, similarities and differences concerning environmental issues chosen.
With this knowledge they could use practises from other cultures to improve their own local environment and make informed choices as European citizens.
Improved autonomy has enabled students to use these tools in future situations. Our wishes for our students were to gain awareness of the win win situation of taking care of our planet together; healthy planet - healthy body and mind, has been fulfilled for now but we are aware that it is an never ending process.

Each school produced:
- many statistical surveys for each theme - collecting, sharing, comparing, discussing and analysing data
- presentations of different work processes throughout the project’s life, using various ICT based programs and applications
- visiting relevant local places if possible for each theme
- gifts to exchange, using waste materials
- interactive and ICT based tourist brochures
- products driven by alternative energy
- visual documentation of an experiment with organic and non organic food
- a calendar showing seasonal and local products
- a “green mile” map
- visual record of grown seasonal crop under different circumstances

List of coordinators:
Denmark: Eva Nordahl -
Germany: Reinhard Laüströer -
Martina Dahlmeier -
Spain, Catalonia: Judit Contijoch - 
Turkey: Innap Kaya -
Croatia: Dubravka Crnic -
France: Andrea Godden -

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